Puppy Payment Plan

Payment Plans.

PROBLEM: There are a variety of lending programs out there, such as WagsLending or Community Finance. But I will not use them. Why not? Their exorbitant fees (up to 40% interest!), and their lack of good explanation as to what happens to the puppy if a person forfeits the loan.

There are many people who would love a Doberman, but find their prices to be high. When choosing a lower-cost puppy, you often run into puppy mill situations, subpar breeding.

SOLUTION: I’ve devised a way to allow people to make payments on future litters at the pace they are comfortable with. Without charging additional interest!

  1. Contact me!
  2. Email me at avalonacresllc@yahoo.com to discuss your concerns and what weekly or bi-weekly payment plan works best for your budget.
  3. When you agree, I’ll send you an official contract to sign so that it’s all legal and you feel comfortable in knowing exactly what the terms are.
  4. Then you pay on the schedule you agree to, and when you feel comfortable in paying off the remainder of the balance, you will be able to pick your puppy from that upcoming litter. A payment plan also places you on the waitlist. So prior to a pairing, you’ll be able to determine if you’d like to be on that specific waitlist or not.

STIPULATIONS: You are responsible to make the payment on the schedule you designate. I will not go chasing after payments. It is your responsibility to place on your calendar of when your payment is due. Payments begin with a typical $300 down payment. If prearranged payments are not made at least every 60 days, you will be given ONE warning. If payment is not made within 30 days after that warning, your payments will NOT be refunded. Hardship deferrals can be considered if notified in advance. If payments are made and then payments stagnate, it will be up to the Buyer to either reinstitute payments or request refund. Communication is key!

By taking a puppy “off of the market” and removing all advertising, should the Buyer decide against that specific puppy after age 6 (six) weeks, then a $250 fee will be charged for advertising that must be added to find that puppy a new home. Puppies can be chosen from 2+ weeks of age in order of waitlist. People on the payment plan will be first on the waiting list based on when the 80% balance is met, or buyer is on track for payoff by 8 weeks or unless alternative preapproved arrangements have been made.

Payments can be made through:

PayPal (amount +4% fee)

Certified/Cashiers checks (no personal checks)

Cash in Person


In the instance the Buyer has a chance of circumstances or otherwise chooses not to continue the Payment Plan and not purchase a puppy from Avalon Acres, then the Buyer forfeits the paid amount.

Bounced checks retain a $60 return fee and any future payments via checks are not allowed.