Our Journey

After having grown up being involved in all aspects of breeding, it was natural for us to take the step into breeding better horses, not only for ourselves, but for the community. We aim to produce TRUE “all-around” quarter horses, ones that are conformationally correct, move naturally, and PRETTY. We utilize a mix of old and new blood to bring out the best aspects that we all love. 

For the last several years we have been partnered with Pat and Richard Brown of Hidden Creek Quarter Horses, and have learned so much from their 50+ years of experience in breeding and showing American Quarter Horses, with a particular interest in Palomino breeding and showing. 

Pat and Ricky have become so much more than just mentors, they are family. 

We are “eternally” grateful for the knowledge, time, and friendship that we have developed in our partnership with them! Please take a few minutes to take a look through our pages to see the results of their decades of dedication to the American Quarter Horse!