Laser Works

For the most up to date info on items and pricing, please follow our Laser Works Facebook page at!

If you are interested in placing an Award order, PLEASE email us at We will do our best to work within your budget constraints while suppling INCREDIBLE awards!

We’ve had a couple of people ask us what we can do with our new laser. That’s a hard one to answer, because we will TRY anything.

We can engrave, we can cut out. Now, this is NOT a CNC, so it does have its limits. BUT if we can’t do it, we know other craftsmen and women that probably can.

That said, we can customize just about anything. Take a look through our recent pictures to get a glimpse of what we have been able to do in the last couple of weeks.

So far as what we are willing to put on something… So long as its not blatantly offensive to the population at large, we are down! Need funny gifts for your Bachelorette Party? HMU. Need to prank the FIL? YUP! Need a box of fks to hand out…. Seriously, if we can figure it out, we will do it!

Acrylic, Wood, Coasters, Keychains, Tumblers, Cutting Boards, Door Hangers, Welcome Signs, Holiday Decor, Ornaments, Customized/Personalized gifts for a special someone, even learning how to work with leather and hides!

Right now, we dont have a lot to show off, because we dont want to waste materials to create something that might not sell. When we say CUSTOM, we mean it! Dont have a brand/logo? We can help with that too!

Yes, we will do bulk discounts, we will ship anywhere you want (you gotta cover it tho), if you are local, we can arrange to meet you or pickup. Any other questions, please feel free to message the page.

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