About Us

What started out as a girl and her horse has turned into 20 plus years of trial, error, life lessons, and growth for Bruce & Laura Simmons (me!), owners of Avalon Acres. 

Now, situated on 45 acres in Crenshaw County, Alabama, we live with our 2 kids, Vanessa & Lucas, and our “menagerie”. Vanessa is an accomplished equestrian, and Lucas… Well, Lucas is a 14yo boy. What more can I say? 

On the farm, we raise quarter horses, pigs, chickens, dairy & beef cows, as well as tending a market garden and creating goods/products to sell.

The farm is currently a “beautiful disaster”. In the summer of 2021, we had most of the property clearcut, so we could utilize more of our land. We are currently waiting for better weather so that a bulldozer can come in and clean up the mess that was left behind. So, as with most farms, ours is still a work in progress, just a little more than others for the time being!

We work closely with several other farms in our endeavors. Hidden Creek Quarter Horses in Hope Hull, AL, owned by Ricky and Pat Brown, and Amy Smith of Ma Smith Homestead in Sylacauga, AL are our besties! 


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